Dan Webster has been described as ‘one of the U.K’s best kept musical secrets and one not to miss!’, ‘Achingly lovely, like sun breaking on a rain swept highway…’ RnR  and an ‘An insightful lyricist with a great voice’ Acoustic Magazine. According to Americana UK - ‘He is the missing link, the joining point, where folk fuses with country – as good as you’ll hear on any record out of Austin or Nashville - beautiful – he is Anglicana’. Dan is a road-seasoned English singer-songwriter and guitarist, his music is influenced by the sounds and storytelling traditions of Americana, which he uniquely melds with an honest Northern English perspective in his songwriting. His sound is unashamedly influenced by the US - his heart remains a Yorkshireman’s.

Dan like his band is a formidable live performer - inspiring attention; pulling you into his work with finely crafted melodies and lyrics - delivered with a powerful and honest vocal...fantastic solo, duo, or with his band. They’ll have laughing, dancing and crying.

The press is unanimous!

Dan Webster’s subtle exploration of the human heart resonated with me after each spin of his fine new record... which draws assuredly on folk and country roots from across the Atlantic but remains assertively northern English. RnR ****

Webster proves to be a master story teller and fine entertainer County Music Magazine ****

Dan Webster played an impressive set at Maverick… performing under his name a permanent band… well-honed violin of Emily Lawler and cello of Rachel Brown weaving interesting lines and counter melodies… incorporates folk and bluegrass but also draws on Springsteen… Country Music People Magazine

“THE TIN MAN will make it on to a fair few ‘Best Of’ lists, and deservedly so." Maverick Magazine ****

“Mixing folk, country and even a little rock ‘n’ roll, all delivered with a clear, distinctive voice, some great playing and an immaculate sound, it stopped me in my tracks.” Folk Radio UK

‘There’s a real exuberance to the performance, the audience were soon having a hoe down as the band’s energy became infectious, the crowd were enthralled.’ Kendal Calling review by 3 Songs and Out

“The Tin Man may forever be in search of a heart on the road, Dan Webster has it in abundance and it shows with each passing song on his latest album.”

Liverpool Sound and Vision ****

‘He is the missing link, the joining point, where folk fuses with country – as good as you’ll hear on any record out of Austin or Nashville - and Alt rock.’ Americana UK 9/10

“His delivery is passionate, this album boasts a big, big heart.” Folk Radio UK

As well as a recording artist, Dan is a skilled producer working with several rising stars of the roots scene including The Magpies, Bella Gaffney, Polly Bolton, Joshua Burnell, Fran Wyburn and Rachel Croft.

Americana UK interview (May 19, 2015)

Dan Webster is a seasoned English singer-songwriter, his music is influenced by sounds and story telling traditions of American and British Folk music (in it’s broadest sense), Americana and Rock and Roll. Americana UK described him as ‘A Hybrid of Damien Rice, Seth Lakeman and Tom McRae’. Webster just writes what he feels, in his words “it’s just about the music, there’s no plan when I’m writing, there doesn’t need to be, writing is about honesty, we connect with real experiences and real emotions in music”. His previous album release DIAMOND LAND received a number of plays on BBC Radio 2 and was well received critically in the press. His 2012 single release Frank Dalton was nominated for Fatea magazines track of the year. His latest album,The Tin Man, is a truely amazing piece of work.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

I’m an English singer-songwriter influenced by American music. Predominantly, I play acoustic guitar. I just write what I feel, it’s about honesty, I think people connect with that.

How did you start out?

I started righting songs when I was in my teens as a sort of catharsis. I played my first show about 15 years ago and I knew I needed to play after that and it just sort of grew. I can’t really imagine not playing.   

What is your current release?

I recently released an new studio album ‘The Tin Man’. It explores, and is sort of a conceptual look at journeys, metaphorical and direct.  I move through folk, Americana and rock and roll.  I am really delighted with it’s reception, it was self produced so I’m pretty emotionally attached to it. I planning another album next year.

What is the best part of being a singer/song writer?

Girls, drugs and alcohol, obviously. (Just kidding) Getting to do the thing I love most with my clothes on. Meeting ace people.

What is your most significant moment yet?

The birth of my son.  It was nice to hear my last record on radio 2. ‘The Tin Man’ hitting number three in the Amazon folk charts and 11 in the country chart was nice too.

What are your biggest musical influences?

When I was a kid my parents used play tapes with Donovan, Dillon and S & G in the car when we were on family holidays, well all the time really. That introduction to US influenced folk music, I think, had a big impact on me. 

What venue/gig do you most want to play?

Any - just love my job.

What is your best/favourite song you have written?

I like the one I wrote today. ‘One To Remember’ at the moment, but it changes. There are songs I used to love I don’t even play anymore.

What is your favourite album of this year?

Album that I’ve bought this year, well I got Josh Ritter’s “Animal Years” I realise it’s about 9 years old or something but I got that on vinyl this year so that.

What does the next six months have in store for you?

Just started a tour, which keeps growing. Producing and ace band called ‘The Bramble Napskins’ and working on the next record. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In bigger clothes. No idea, still doing this but in bigger venues maybe. As long as I’m still playing and writing that’s the main thing.

What is the best thing about Americana-UK?

Rudie Humphrey's shirts. The website is fantastic like, but you should see his shirts. (Ed - thanks that quite enough!)